Deficiencies in suicide training in primary care specialties: A survey of training directors

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Objective: A high percentage of suicide victims have seen a primary care physician in the months before committing suicide. Thus, primary care physicians may play an important role in suicide prevention. Method: The authors mailed a survey to directors oftraining programs in family practice, internal medicine, and pediatrics, and 50.5% responded. Data obtained were analyzed with WebStat. Results: Training directors reported deficiencies in training in suicide and depression. Notably, less than half of the internal medicine and pediatrics training directors who replied reported that teaching about suicide was adequate. The majority of them indicated a need for standardized curricular materials on suicide and depression. Conclusions: Experts could provide standardized curricula to primary care residencies in the recognition and management of suicide and depression. More robust training about these vital mental health concerns in primary care could reduce morbidity and mortality. Copyright © 2007 Academic Psychiatry.

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Academic Psychiatry

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