A Qualitative Study of Midlevel Nurse Managers' Perspectives of Scholarly Inquiry.

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OBJECTIVE: This study explored the key characteristics and needs of midlevel nurse managers (MLNMs) who support and engage clinical nurses (CNs) in scholarly inquiry.

BACKGROUND: Healthcare organizations expect CNs to participate in scholarly inquiry, incorporating evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes and safety. How the MLNM supports and engages CNs in scholarly inquiry remains unclear.

METHODS: Twelve semistructured interviews of MLNMs occurred at several facilities in the mid-Atlantic region utilizing the institutional review board-acknowledged protocol. Theme interpretation utilized inductive analysis.

RESULTS: Four recurrent themes emerged from the interviews related to the value of scholarly inquiry: 1) securing organizational resources to promote scholarly inquiry; 2) knowledge and experience in scholarly inquiry; 3) actions supporting scholarly inquiry; and 4) the value of scholarly inquiry within the organization.

CONCLUSIONS: Senior nursing leadership and healthcare organizations must recognize the value and provide the infrastructure to support scholarly inquiry. Infrastructure includes education, dedicated time, access to expertise, and resources.

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The Journal of nursing administration


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