Submissions from 2023

The Common Pathways of Epileptogenesis in Patients With Epilepsy Post-Brain Injury: Findings From a Systematic Review and Meta-analysis., Shubham Misra, Erum Khan, TuKiet T Lam, Rajarshi Mazumder, Kapil Gururangan, L Brian Hickman, Vaibhav Goswami, Melissa C Funaro, Ece Eldem, Lauren H Sansing, Jason J Sico, Terence J Quinn, David Liebeskind, Joan Montaner, Patrick Kwan, and Nishant K Mishra(Article)

Submissions from 2022


In acute ischemic stroke, thrombectomy was not noninferior to alteplase + thrombectomy for 90-d functional independence., Anthony Donato and Vaibhav Goswami(Response or Comment)