Persistent Corneal Decompensation due to Anterior Dislocation of Soemmering Ring Cataract.

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Purpose: We present a case of a patient with Soemmering ring after cataract surgery and a potential complication that can arise as a result of its presence.

Observations: A patient with history of ruptured globe status after repair and lensectomy, complicated by aphakic secondary open angle glaucoma, was referred for management of second injury to the same eye. This injury resulted in Soemmering ring dislocation into the anterior chamber. The cortical material caused a significant increase in intraocular pressure and corneal decompensation. Surgical removal of the Soemmering ring and Ahmed glaucoma tube implant was performed with control of intraocular pressures; however corneal edema could not be reversed.

Conclusions and Importance: This case report illustrates the serious consequences that can be caused by Soemmering rings without early surgical intervention. Care must be taken to completely remove cortical material during cataract surgery to prevent their formation.

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Case Rep Ophthalmol Med




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