Comparison of Outcomes After Hospitalization Among Heart Failure Patients With and Without History of Heart Transplantation.

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INTRODUCTION: Heart transplantation is an effective treatment option for end-stage heart failure patients. The effect of heart failure admission post heart transplantation has not been explored in the past.

METHODS: We used the National Inpatient Sample to compare the outcome of hospitalization in heart failure patients after heart transplantation with heart failure patients without heart transplantation. We used diagnosis codes for heart failure and history of heart transplantation from International Classification of Disease-9 and Clinical Classification Software-Diagnoses codes.

RESULTS: We used multivariable logistic regression for this purpose, which showed no difference in outcome in terms of mortality, length of stay, and cost.

CONCLUSION: Our study showed similar outcomes in hospitalized heart failure patients regardless of the history of heart transplantation. This is an important statistic for outcome in a patient undergoing heart transplantation.

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Transplantation proceedings

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