Hypnosis as an aid for tinnitus patients.

J M Kaye
F I Marlowe
D Ramchandani
S Berman
B A Schindler, Dept. of Psychiatry, Drexel University College of Medicine
G Loscalzo


This study was undertaken to evaluate hypnosis versus stress management as therapeutic modalities in the treatment of tinnitus. Participants were recruited from the local tinnitus association and the Otolaryngology Division of the Department of Surgery. The instruments were the following standardized tests (NIMH Diagnostic Int. Schedule; SCL 90R, Beck Depression Inventory) in addition to a tinnitus questionnaire. Improvement was shown on 5 separate scales, some alleviated by both types of treatment and others singularly by hypnosis or stress management. The data reinforce the use of behavioral techniques and suggest that different techniques may be more appropriate for specific symptoms.