Clinical Nurse Specialist Role Advocacy: Quantifying the Financial Contributions Via Development of a Scorecard.

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PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this article is to guide the clinical nurse specialist in constructing a scorecard to track clinical outcomes and identify the associated financial impact.

DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT/PROGRAM: Creation of a scorecard highlighting the financial impact of the clinical nurse specialist team was used to disseminate financial outcomes to hospital executive stakeholders, allowing the clinical nurse specialist team to demonstrate its clinical and financial value.

OUTCOME: During development and ongoing maintenance of the scorecard, the clinical nurse specialist team cultivated skills to identify the financial impact of projects. The team also utilized financial implications of individual and group projects to prioritize work. At the end of fiscal year 2022, the clinical nurse specialist team demonstrated revenue generation of $29 890 and cost avoidance of $2 854 807.30. The clinical nurse specialist scorecard was presented quarterly to the chief nursing officer, who shared with executive leadership.

CONCLUSION: Clinical nurse specialists are positioned to make significant and positive financial impact to organizations. A scorecard presented to executive leadership offers a clinical nurse specialist team a tool to capture and disseminate a clinical nurse specialist team's unique financial contribution at the system level.

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