Facial feminization procedures and its impact on quality of life: A mini review

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Introduction: Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a type of gender-affirming surgery (GAS) performed by plastic surgeons. While the importance of FFS in the transitional process for transfeminine patients is heavily discussed, very little literature focuses on the surgical procedures utilized by Male to Female (MTF) patient and their impact on quality of life (QoL). Therefore, this review aims to provide an overview of the FFS in the MTF patient. Methods: A comprehensive search was conducted utilizing the PRISMA guidelines in SCOPUS and PubMed databases, using the terms “quality of life” AND “feminization” AND “transgender.” Articles in non-English languages were excluded. Data related to FFS and its impact on quality of life were extracted. Results: A total of 66 articles were reviewed in detail, and only 12 studies met the inclusion criteria. The most commonly discussed operations in the MTF patient included: forehead augmentation, rhinoplasty, jaw reconstruction, and chondrolaryngoplasty. Pre-operative planning for each of these procedures was heavily emphasized in 5 (41%) of the studies. 7 of the 12 (58%) studies reviewed highlighted the positive impacts of FFS on QoL, while only 16% (2 studies) explored its negative or neutral impact. Conclusion: Our literature review supports the notion that FFS plays an integral role in alleviating gender dysphoria. While the improvement in the QoL of transgender patients after GAS has been documented, there is a persistent gap in the standardization of an assessment to measure the impact of FFS on QoL longitudinally – which is in concordance with other literature.

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Health Sciences Review




June 2023

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