Tweeting for Success: The Role of Twitter in Enhancing SCImago Journal Rank for Specialty Surgical Journals.

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Background The cornerstone of surgical education and practice is the surgical journal, but the ability to disperse the vital information within their pages had previously been limited. The use of Twitter by surgical journals has increased in recent years and has allowed these journals to reach a wider audience than they previously could. In this article, we discuss the role Twitter engagement has on a journal's impact factor, visibility, and prestige. Methods The authors compiled a list of journals using the SciMago Journal and Country rank platform. Included journals' Twitter profiles were then assessed using Twitonomy, an online platform that collects and processes data regarding individual Twitter profiles. Statistical analysis was conducted to determine the relationship between Twitter use and SCImago Journal Rank (SJR). Results Simple linear regression and multiple linear regression models determined that the only variables that had a statistically significant impact on all journals were the age of the Twitter account (p=0.003) and the percentage of retweets (p=0.001). When it comes to specialty-specific journals, further analysis showed that the only significant factor regarding its impact on SJR was the percentage of retweets (p=0.007). Conclusions Surgical journals' regular use of Twitter is important in the dissemination of important information to a wide audience. This article shows that the most important variable to determine the impact and visibility of a surgical journal is the percentage of retweets. Further research should be performed to better understand how to use Twitter and other social media platforms to reach a larger audience.

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