Submissions from 2023

Surgical Management for Hair Restoration: A Review of Contemporary Techniques., Sammy Othman and Paul Glat(Article)


Best practice for wound repair and regeneration use of cellular, acellular and matrix-like products (CAMPs)., Stephanie Wu, Marissa Carter, Windy Cole, Roselle Crombie, Daniel L Kapp, Paul Kim, Catherine Milne, Joseph Molnar, Jeffrey Niezgoda, Kevin Woo, David Zabel, Rose Hamm, David Armstrong, Alan J Bock, Baljit Dheansa, Vickie Driver, Paul Glat, John Lantis, Lydia Masako Ferreira, Mark Melin, Keyur Patel, Elia Ricci, Richard Simman, John Steinberg, William Tettelbach, and Dot Weir(Article)