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The paradox of teaching wellness: Lessons from a national obstetrics and gynaecology resident curriculum.
Abigail Ford Winkel, Laura E Fitzmaurice, Stacie A Jhaveri, Sigrid B Tristan, Mark B. Woodland, and Helen Kang Morgan


Is it Cool to Juul? A Case of Vaping Induced Lung Injury
Natasha Palmer, Jacqueline Storer, Yaasen Bhutta, and Luis A. Murillo


Surveying Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents About Their Residency Applications, Interviews, and Ranking
Karen E. George, Gregory M. Gressel, Tony Ogburn, Mark B. Woodland, and Erika Banks


It's not what it looks like: atypical rash in cryoglobulinaemic vasculitis.
Tyler Gleason, Sushil Ghimire, and Susmita Paladugu


Persistent Exertional Chest Pain in a Marathon Runner: Exercise-induced, Painful, Left Bundle Branch Block Syndrome Treated With His-Bundle Pacing.
Olubunmi O Oladunjoye, Adeolu O Oladunjoye, Oreoluwa Oladiran, David J Callans, Robert D Schaller, and Anthony Licata


A rural-urban comparison of client-provider interactions in patent medicine shops in South west Nigeria.
Akinwunmi Fajola, Michael C. Asuzu, Eme T. Owoaje, Chioma C. Asuzu, Olusimbo K. Ige, Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, and A. Asinobi


Job satisfaction among anesthesiologists at a tertiary hospital in Nigeria
Ambrose Rukewe, Akinola Fatiregun, Adeolu Oladunjoye, and Olubunmi Oladunjoye


An anticoagulation protocol for use after congenital cardiac surgery
Asha G. Nair, Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, Cameron C. Trenor, Meena LaRonde, Sarah J. van den Bosch, Lynn A. Sleeper, Christina VanderPluym, Sitaram M. Emani, and John N. Kheir


Staged ventricular recruitment in patients with borderline ventricles and large ventricular septal defects
Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, Breanna Piekarski, Puja Banka, Gerald Marx, Roger E. Breitbart, Pedro J. del Nido, and Sitaram M. Emani


Partial thromboplastin time is more predictive of bleeding than anti-Xa levels in heparinized pediatric patients after cardiac surgery
Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, Lynn A. Sleeper, Asha G. Nair, Cameron C. Trenor, Christina VanderPluym, John N. Kheir, and Sitaram M. Emani


High-dose heparin is associated with higher bleeding and thrombosis rates in pediatric patients following cardiac surgery
Carina N. Vorisek, Lynn A. Sleeper, Breanna Piekarski, Minmin Lu, Jenna Rogers, Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, and Sitaram M. Emani


Repair of double outlet right ventricle: Midterm outcomes
Olubunmi Oladunjoye, Breanna Piekarski, Christopher Baird, Puja Banka, Gerald Marx, Pedro J. del Nido, and Sitaram M. Emani


All-cause hospitalizations and mortality in systemic lupus erythematosus in the US: results from a national inpatient database
Rashmi Dhital, Ramesh Kumar Pandey, Dilli Ram Poudel, Olubunmi Oladunjoye, Prakash Paudel, and Paras Karmacharya


Closure of a prosthetic mitral valve paravalvular leak using a ventricular septal defect (VSD) amplatzer occluder device
Oreoluwa Oladiran, Gabriel Areoye, Adeolu O. Oladunjoye, Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, Eric Elgin, and Anthony Licata


A 62-year-old man with acute alcohol withdrawal and stress-induced cardiomyopathy
Olubunmi O. Oladunjoye, Oreoluwa Oladiran, Adeolu O. Oladunjoye, and Rajesh Reddy


Topical Capsaicin for Treating Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome.
Ansar Aziz, Tayyab Waheed, Olubunmi Oladunjoye, Adeolu Oladunjoye, Midhat Hanif, and Fareena Latif


Right Ovarian Vein Thrombosis in the Setting of COVID-19 Infection.
Rebecca E DeBoer, Olubunmi O Oladunjoye, and Ronald Herb

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