Submissions from 2024

Managing Career Decisions: Climbing the Ladder or Falling Off a Cliff?, Stacy Ellen, Latha Chandran, Jennifer Louis-Jacques, and Michael S Ryan(Article)

Trauma-Informed Leadership in Quality Improvement: What We Learned From Practicing in a Pandemic., Bethlyn Vergo Houlihan, Elizabeth Ethier, Rubina Veerakone, Megan Eaves, Renee Turchi, Christopher J Louis, and Meg Comeau(Article)

Knowing Your Patient Population: Techniques to Capture Infants at High Risk for Physical Abuse in a Trauma Registry., Stephanie Papillon, Sahal Master, Matthew Klein, Allison Toth, Norrell Atkinson MD, Stephen Aronoff, and Harsh Grewal(Article)

Submissions from 2023

Effectiveness and Safety of Albuterol Solutions with and without Benzalkonium Chloride., Awni M Al-Subu, Eric Friestrom, Erica Terry, Miranda R Langkamp, Carolyn K Adams, Rhonda A Yngsdal-Krenz, Michael R Lasarev, Ryan DeSanti, Joshua P Vanderloo, and Monica C Bogenschutz(Article)

Asthma and Anxiety in Children and Adolescents: Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes., Nicole J Fleischer, Elizabeth Gosch, Michael B Roberts, Anne Marie Albano, Golda Ginsburg, John Piacentinti, Boris Birmaher, Scott N Compton, John Walkup, Philip C Kendall, and Matthew M Carper(Article)

Home-Based Emergency Preparedness for Families of Children and Youth With Special Healthcare Needs: A Scoping Review., Jennifer S Griffin, Thomas J Hipper, Esther Chernak, Priyatham Kurapati, Jennifer Lege-Matsuura, Leah Popek, and Renee Turchi(Article)

Channel impeller design for centrifugal blood pump in hybrid pediatric total artificial heart: Modeling, magnet integration, and hydraulic experiments., Matthew Hirschhorn, Nicholas Catucci, Steven W Day, Randy Stevens, Vakhtang Tchantchaleishvili, and Amy L Throckmorton(Article)

Next Generation Development of Hybrid Continuous Flow Pediatric Total Artificial Heart Technology: Design-Build-Test., Matthew D Hirschhorn, Jonathan E M Lawley, Andrew J Roof, Arthur P T Johnson, William A Stoddard, Randy Stevens, Joseph Rossano, Francisco Arabia, Vakhtang Tchantchaleishvili, H Todd Massey, Steven W Day, and Amy L Throckmorton(Article)

Effect of Patient and Family Centered I-PASS on adverse event rates in hospitalized children with complex chronic conditions., Nicholas Kuzma, Alisa Khan, Lisa Rickey, Matt Hall, Matthew Ramotar, Nancy D Spector, Christopher P Landrigan, Rajendu Srivastava, and Jay G Berry(Article)

2-Year-Old Male With Fever, an Urticarial Rash, and Tachypnea., Danni Liang, Svetlana Lvovich, and Nicholas Kuzma(Article)


Strategies to improve outcomes of youth experiencing healthcare transition from pediatric to adult HIV care in a large U.S. city., Florence Momplaisir, Kassandra McGlonn, Megan Grabill, Kaelo Moahi, Hervette Nkwihoreze, Kayla Knowles, Roberta Laguerre, Nadia Dowshen, Sophia A Hussen, Amanda E Tanner, and Elizabeth D Lowenthal(Article)

The Medical Home and Mental Health Services in Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs., Jessica E Rast, Anne M Roux, Gabrielle Connor, Tobechukwu H Ezeh, Lindsay Shea, Renee M Turchi, and Paul T Shattuck(Article)


Editorial: What do we know about COVID-19 implications for cardiovascular disease?, Zeyuan Wang, Muyun Tang, Xiaodong Luan, Hendrik Tevaearai Stahel, Masanori Aikawa, Mingxing Xie, Shuping Ge, and Shuyang Zhang(Editorial)

Submissions from 2022


Characterization of Social Risk Factors Among Newborns Seen at an Urban Pediatric Primary Care Predictive of Appointment Nonattendance During the First 6 Months of Life., Brian Lefchak, Ann Cushwa, Hans Kersten MD, Kelly Courts, and Katie McPeak(Article)