Submissions from 2024

Contaminant Organism Growth in Febrile Infants at Low Risk for Invasive Bacterial Infection., Nidhi V Singh, Colleen K Gutman, Rebecca S Green, Amy D Thompson, Kathleen Jackson, Nabila C Kalari, Samantha Lucrezia, Andrew Krack, Jacqueline B Corboy, Tabitha Cheng, Myto Duong, Ryan St Pierre-Hetz, Bolanle Akinsola, Jessica Kelly, Laura F Sartori, Xinyu Yan, Xiang Yang Lou, K Casey Lion, Rosemarie Fernandez, and Paul L Aronson(Article)

Submissions from 2023

Left Leg Pain in a 9-year-old Boy., Luke Hartman, Michael DelVecchio, Evan Weiner, and Danni Liang(Article)

Impact of a hypothetical COVID-19 vaccine mandate on parental likelihood to vaccinate children: Exploring school-related concerns and vaccination decision-making., Joshua T Sarafian, Stephanie A Eucker, Michael Gillman, Amy M DeLaroche, Robert M Rodriguez, David Rayburn, Nicole L Nadeau, Lisa A Drago, Danielle Cullen, Emmalee M Kugler, Sarah Dennis Meskill, Suzanne Bialeck, and Brigitte M Baumann(Article)