Submissions from 2023

Prevalence and Predictors of Long-term Opioid Use After Pelvic Fractures., Nicole Ann Elvambuena Villa, Kristina Shum, Allison Atkinson, Adrian Ong, Alison Muller, and Eduardo Espiridion(Article)

Spontaneous Intramural Small Bowel Hematoma in an Elderly Man with Multiple Myeloma., Sigrid Williamson, Aishwarya Suresh, and Adrian Ong(Article)

Negative Splenic Angiography in Blunt Trauma: Does Embolization Affect Splenic Salvage?, Rachel Yoo, Davin Evanson, Michael Gaziano, Alison Muller, Anthony Martin, Nikunj Chauhan, Christopher Butts, Vicente Cortes, Eugene Reilly, Kurt Bamberger, Thomas A Geng, and Adrian Ong(Article)

Submissions from 2021


Outcomes of primary versus revisional robotically assisted laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: a multicenter analysis of ten-year experience., Pouya Iranmanesh, John Fam, Thomas Nguyen, David Talarico, Kavita D Chandwani, Kulvinder S Bajwa, Melissa M Felinski, Leon V Katz, Sheilendra S Mehta, Stephan R. Myers, Brad E Snyder, Peter A Walker, Todd D Wilson, Angielyn R Rivera, Connie L Klein, Shinil K Shah, and Erik B Wilson(Article)

Submissions from 2020


Early postoperative small bowel obstruction: A review., Adrian W. Ong and Stephan R. Myers(Article)

Submissions from 2013

Robot-assisted versus laparoscopic gastric bypass: comparison of short-term outcomes., Stephan R. Myers, John McGuirl, and Jillian Wang(Article)