Needs assessment of menopause education in United States obstetrics and gynecology residency training programs.

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OBJECTIVE: This study aimed to assess the variance in menopause education, educational resources, and the needs of obstetrics and gynecology (ObGyn) residency programs by conducting a national survey of program directors (PDs).

METHODS: In 2022, an institutional review board-approved Web-based Qualtrics survey was designed and distributed electronically to 145 US ObGyn residency PDs. The survey consists of 15 questions. The main outcomes are reported using descriptive statistics.

RESULTS: The survey was completed by 99 of 145 PDs (68.3%). Almost all participants (92.9%) strongly agreed that residents nationwide should have access to a standardized menopause curriculum that could be utilized in their programs. Only 31.3% reported having a menopause curriculum in their residency program. Of the programs with a menopause curriculum, 96.8% reported using lectures, 77.4% reported assigned readings, and 74.2% had either dedicated menopause clinics or other clinics with a high volume of menopausal patients. Of all programs surveyed, only 29.3% reported that trainees had dedicated time assigned to a menopause clinic. A total of 83 of 99 PDs agreed or strongly agreed that their programs needed more menopause educational resources, and most (89.7%) stated they were likely or very likely to use self-paced menopause modules that include performance feedback if available.

CONCLUSIONS: Data from the needs assessment questionnaire revealed that menopause education and resources vary across residency programs, with the majority lacking a dedicated menopause curriculum. Most PDs expressed a desire for more educational resources and standardized training materials, and preferred to access an online national menopause curriculum.

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