Volume 1, Number 3 (September 2022)

Cover Art

Transformative Medicine’s editorial team would like to thank Ivan Bub, MD for permitting us to use one of his amazing photomicrography creations for the cover art of this issue of Transformative Medicine.

The photograph on the cover of this issue is a combination of Dimethyl Hydroquinone, an ingredient used in perfumes, and a topical liquid for the removal of warts containing Salicylic Acid, crystallized on a microscope slide, and photographed under cross polarized light.

You can marvel at more of Dr. Bub’s photos on Instagram - @bub9522

From the Editorial Team

Original Research


Prevalence and Outcomes of the Use of Telemedicine for Psychiatry Patients in the Outpatient Setting
Amberly Ray, Madison Dew, Udema Millsaps, Adeolu Funso Oladunjoye, Anna Fuchs, Danielle Hovington, Alexa Primavera, Aakash Padodara, Maria Yee, and Eduardo Espiridion
pages 46-52


Use of Telemedicine in an OBGYN Residency Clinic During COVID
Sarah Dreibelbis, Anna Grassi, Daniel Jiang, and John Dougherty
pages 53-56

Case Reports


A Case of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 with Severe Mood and Behavioral Symptoms
Eduardo Espiridion, Aakash Padodara, Alexa Primavera, Danielle Hovington, and Adeolu Funso Oladunjoye
pages 57-60


Vitamin C Deficiency in a Food Insecure Patient: A Rare Case Report
Gersham J. Rainone, Tatiana J. Han, Muhammed Rahim, Gregory J. Pirolli, Alina Popa, and Jayaram Thimmapuram
pages 64-66

Updates and Controversies in Family Medicine

ECG of the Quarter


“I have palpitations, What Does my ECG Show”
Ravi Choxi and Arun Kundra
pages 69-71

Pharmacy Reviews


Novel Drugs Approved in 2021-2022
Michael Do, Bona Shin, Elaina Lioudis, and Emaleigh Munn
pages 72-77