Volume 2, Number 3 (September 2023)

Cover Art

Transformative Medicine’s editorial team would like to thank Mark B. Woodland, MS, MD, FACOG for permitting us to use one of his amazing images for the cover art of this issue of Transformative Medicine.

Reading Hospital Clock Tower Pop Art is an image Dr. Woodland created from a photograph he took of Reading Hospital's clock tower in West Reading, PA. Click here to view a larger rendering of this issue's journal cover.

From the Editorial Team

Original Research


A Survey Evaluating Extent of Undergraduate Medical Education Regarding Sex-Based Differences in Pathophysiology
Ashni Nadgauda, Tej Ganti, Amanda Horowitz, Matthew Coates, Aditya Brahmbhatt, Ana Nunez, and Peter Schnatz
pages 48-55

Case Reports


Diagnostic Criteria of Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy in the Clinical Setting: A Case Report
Annu R. Suresh MD, Yi-Ju Chen MD, Richa Neupane MD, and Jessica Cunningham MD
pages 56-60


Pericardial Hematoma Following Coronary Angiography
Davin Evanson, Allegra Delman, and Michael Romeo
pages 61-64

Quality Improvement

Medical Education


A Medical Spanish Curriculum Model for Resident Physicians
Jessica Castro, Meghna Lama, Victor A. Cabello, and Luis A. Murillo
pages 69-71

ECG of the Quarter


“What Pattern Does This ECG Show?”
Ravi Choxi and Arun Kundra
pages 72-74

Pharmacy Reviews


The Adverse Effects of Proton Pump Inhibitors and How to De-Escalate Therapy
Christina Swiger, Mary Hoang, Emily Wagner, and Maley Zents
pages 75-78

Quality Improvement Primer