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Angels, Falls, CBD and QOL: A Parental Survey

Nancy Xia
Nicholas Benjamin
Mitzie Grant
Ignacio Valencia

Combination of Topical Tacrolimus, Antioxidants, and Probiotics in the Treatment of Periorbital Vitiligo

Ali Chaudhry, Nazareth Hospital

Goldenhar Syndrome – Maxillofacial Reconstruction

Luc J. Descour DDS, St. Christopher's Hospital
Michael A. Bianchi DDS, St. Christopher's Hospital
Thomas P. Nordone DDS, St. Christopher's Hospital
Anthony M. Bianchi MD, DMD, St. Christopher's Hospital

Intussusception Caused by Peutz-Jeghers Syndrome

Crystal Joseph

Persistent Inflammatory Obstructive Lung Disease in an Adolescent with Previous COVID-19 Infection

James Alsop, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children
Laurie Varlotta, St. Christopher's Hospital for Children

Severe Metabolic Derangements in the Setting of Medullary Sponge Kidney: A Case Report

Crystal Joseph

Surgical Management and Outcomes of Intracranial Metastatic Wilms’ Tumor in the Pediatric Population: A Case Series

Yash Patel

Waterhouse-Friederichsen syndrome as a complication of pediatric COVID-19 infection: A case report

Erin Cohen
Jordy Salcedo-Giraldo
Elizabeth Grund
Swetha Madhavarapu