Volume 3, Number 2 (June 2024)

Cover Art

Transformative Medicine’s editorial team would like to thank Vincent Pellegrini, MD for permitting us to use one of his amazing photographs for the cover art of this issue of Transformative Medicine.

The photograph on the cover of this issue is titled Morning Glow Click here to view a large rendering of the photograph as well as information about the photograph, courtesy of Dr. Pellegrini.

You can marvel at more of Dr. Pellegrini's photos on Instagram - @vincentapellegrini or - DropBox

Original Research


Mortality and Comorbidities Associated with COVID-19 Infection in Psychiatric Patients from a State Hospital
Nicole Ann E. Villa, Matthew Driben, Regina Reed, Maria Yee, and Eduardo Espiridion
pages 43-50

Clinical Review Article


Examining the Mental Health Impact: Investigating the Association between Suicide and Long Covid Syndrome
Nicole Ann E. Villa, Gina Maria P. Fiore, and Eduardo Espiridion
pages 51-55

Commentary and Perspectives


Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth
Sandesh R. Parajuli, Anish C. Paudel, and Anthony Donato
pages 56-57

ECG of the Quarter


Understanding and Managing Right Bundle Branch Block
Muhammad Mohsin Zafar, Muhammad Asad Hanif, and Tayyab Ali Waheed
pages 62-64

Pharmacy Reviews


Direct Oral Anticoagulants: A Review for Health Care Providers
Mary Hoang, Maley Zents, Christina Swiger, and Emily Wagner
pages 65-70

Quality Improvement Primer