Our Internal Medicine Residency Training Program provides the highest level of in-depth, personalized education. Our graduates have many opportunities for future training and practice. Training provides the skill sets that promote personal and professional satisfaction. Program allows the flexibility to excel in ambulatory or hospital-based medicine, either as a generalist or in preparation for specialty training. Our hospital features renal and liver transplant programs as well as tremendous exposure to disease mix, with Pennsylvania’s second-busiest emergency department. Whether you are interested in point-of-care ultrasound, managing opioid use disorder, serving your community with our Street Medicine outreach, applying your osteopathic manipulative skills in the real world or honing your skills as a future medical educator, we can help you achieve your dreams.


Works from 2007


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Works from 2006

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Works from 2005

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On Being a Clerkship Site Director: The Challenges of Running a Clerkship Site for One or More Medical Schools, Lisa M. Motz(Poster Presentation)

Campylobacter Jejuni As A Causative Agent For Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP), Mansi Shah(Poster Presentation)

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Works from 2004

A Case of Acute Interstitial Nephritis Temporally Associated with Buproprion, Karen Wright and Anthony A. Donato(Abstract)

A Case of Adaluminab-Associated Miliary Tuberculosis: A Review of Pathophysiology and Pitfalls to Avoid, Akhil Chopra and Anthony A. Donato(Abstract)

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Works from 2003


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Works from 2002

Absence of PE on Helical CT Predicts Good outcomes, J Gramp and Anthony Donato(Abstract)


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Works from 2001


Advances in End of Life Care Curriculum in a Small Internal Medicine Training Program, Lisa M. Motz(Abstract)

45 Year Old Female with Obstructive Renal Failure, Benjamin J Lloyd(Poster Presentation)

Practicing What you Preach: Exercise and the Medical Resident, David L. George(Article)

Works from 1996


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Works from 1992


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Works from 1990

Difficult Diagnoses of Cutaneous Target Lesions, Benjamin J Lloyd(Poster Presentation)

Works from 1988


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Works from 1987


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Works from 1986


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Works from 1983


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